Baby Shark Sleeping Bag Birthday Gifts for Kids and Babies Colorful Sleeping Bag Easter

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  • This sleeping bag is 100% cotton. Very soft for you and your baby. Keeps your baby very warm and cozy.

  • The zipper has a cover to protect it from harm. The zipper on this sleeping bag is very long creating a wide open setting for you to easily put your baby in and take your baby out again.

  • This sleeping bag works with most strollers, car seats, and joggers. Simply use a scissors to cut along the slits seen on the back of the bag to thread the strap through. Ensure your baby is safe and comfortable at the same time. Not to mention adorable.

  • The recommended age limit is 0-2 years old for this item.

The best gift for your baby and faimly . Bring U the most affordable shopping experience.





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